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Aluminum composite panels are used for the exterior finish of the module. The use of high-quality materials ensures long life of a modular public toilet.


The module has a speaker system with a USB port and a ventilation system. The module is equipped with an energy-saving motion-activated LED lighting system. The module can be used all year round, it offers high quality thermal insulation, and can be heated with electric heaters in cold weather.


For the convenience of people with limited mobility, the Moscow modular public toilet is equipped with a ramp with railings and a folding handrail in the cabin.


The module can be connected to central utilities (water mains and sewers) or operated in stand-alone mode. In the latter case, it is equipped with special containers for clean water and for waste collection.

Payment terminal

The module can be made with or without a payment terminal.

Smart toilet

At the customer's request, the modular public toilet can be equipped with the Smart Toilet system, which includes an electronic board to evaluate the quality of service, panic button, Free / Occupied electronic board and a computer control system of the module.


The sanitary ware of the modular public toilet is vandal-proof and made of stainless steel. The interior walls have stainless steel finish. The floor uses 2 mm (0.079 in) thick corrugated aluminum sheet. Each section has metal vandal-proof doors with door closers.

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Type: Stand-alone (connectable to electric power supply) Network (connectable to sewers, water and electric power supply)
Lenght (мм) 4,630
Width (мм) 2,180
Height (мм) 2,700
Framework Of welded steel structures
Roof Lean-to, low-slope Fireproof sandwich panel.
Floor Corrugated aluminum sheet
Doors Vandal-proof, metal
Outer lining/finish Aluminum composite panels
Interior finish Sandwich panel of stainless steel
Water tank capacity 1,000 l
Waste tank capacity 1,000 l
Light fixtures Energy-saving, LED, motion-activated
Heating appliances Electrical
Ventilation type Forced exhaust
Electric power supply Electrical wiring as per specifications, requirements of the current regulatory documents. Maximum electrical power of 7 kW
Power consumption in summer, kWh 5
Power consumption in winter, kWh 7
Vandal-proof Yes
Vandal-proof toilet bowl with limited-water flush system 2x
Vandal-proof sink 2x
Push-type batch mixing tap 2x
Anti-vandal toilet brush 2x
Hooks for clothes and bags 2x
Trash bin 2x
Vandal-proof wall mirror made of mirror-polished stainless steel 2x
Vandal-proof toilet paper dispenser 2x
Vandal-proof soap dispenser 2x
Vandal-proof paper towel dispenser 2x
Switchboard with circuit breakers 1x
Electric heaters 3x
External Vacant/Occupied indicator 2x
Motion sensor 2x
Fan 2x
Indoor LED lighting fixture, 18 W, 220 V 3x
Electric water heater, 10 liters, 220 V 1x
Collecting sewage tank with automatic heating system (installed in stand-alone modules) 1x
Pumping station, 2 to 6 bar, 220 V (installed in stand-alone modules) 1x
Water treatment system (coarse filter) 1x
Clean water tank (installed in stand-alone modules) 1x
Датчик уровня емкости для воды и накопительной емкости ( устанавливается в автономных модулях) 2x
Speaker system with USB player and FM radio 1x
Light information panels with automatic LED illumination 2x
Vandal-proof metal doors 3x
Ramp for people with limited mobility 1x
Handrails for people with limited mobility 2x
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